MultiBrief: Some communities are putting the brakes on factory farming

Source: MultiBrief: Some communities are putting the brakes on factory farming…people understand the risks now… you’re in the fight of your life with these mega factories…CAFO’s will turn your county into one giant cesspool…!  MAN-UP and get involved today…or…CALL A REALTOR..!!!!  


Hickory County considers ordinance to regulate big farms, going against new state law

Many farmers in the Hickory County area aren’t happy over a bill passed by the legislature and signed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson…what these CAFO’s fear the most is….NOT HAVING ENOUGH SPREADABLE LAND FOR THEIR SHIT..!  THE CITIZENS WILL GET VERY LITTLE HELP FROM THE EPA…DNR…OR THEIR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS…THIS LEAVES ME AND YOU..!  STOP RENTING YOUR LAND FOR SPREADING OF LIQUID MANURE …IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE…STOP IT..!!!!

Source: Hickory County considers ordinance to regulate big farms, going against new state law

Neighbors of proposed CAFO question its impact on local waters

It was a hearing intended to give the public a chance to comment on whether a proposed CAFO could operate without polluting nearby waters. Instead, it became one person after…TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT CAFO’s…AND THE DAMAGE THAT WILL BE DONE TO YOUR COUNTY…YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR HEALTH..!  MAN-UP…YOU’RE IN THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE…FOR YOUR LIFE..!

Source: Neighbors of proposed CAFO question its impact on local waters

Greenhouse Gases Reach Unprecedented Level

Global carbon dioxide concentrations reached a record of 407.4 parts per million during 2018, the study found. That is 2.4 ppm greater than 2017 and “the highest in the modern instrumental record and in ice core records dating back 800,000 years,” the report said, according to CNN.It wasn’t just the amount of carbon dioxide that set record levels. Other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide also continued a rapid rise into the atmosphere. Together, the global warming power of greenhouse gases was 43 percent stronger than in 1990, according to the State of the Climate report released Monday by the American Meteorological Society, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information.Greenhouse gases are not the only thing rising. Global sea levels also reached their highest levels on record for the seventh consecutive year, as ABC News reported. The report says that ocean levels are rising about an inch per decade, but that number may need to be revised if ice melt at the poles accelerates.For global temperatures, 2018 ranked fourth, behind 2016, 2015 and 2017 for the warmest on record. That top four finish for 2018 is despite a La Niña system over the Pacific that cooled ocean waters for part of the year.So far, 2019 is on track to be the warmest year in recorded history, according to NOAA.Global sea temperatures also set a record level in 2018. “This record heat reflects the continuing accumulation of thermal energy in the top 2,300 feet (700 meters) of the ocean,” according to NOAA. “Oceans absorb more than 90 percent of Earth’s excess heat from global warming.”The State of the Climate report noted that glaciers continued to melt at an alarming rate for the 30th consecutive year, as CNN reported.”Every year since the start of the 21st Century has been warmer than the 1981-2010 average,” the report said, as CNN reported. “In 2018, the dominant greenhouse gases released into Earth’s atmosphere — carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide — continued to increase and reach new record highs.”The 29th annual release of the State of the Climate report was led by NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information and relies on contributions from more than 470 scientists from nearly 60 countries around the world. It incorporates tens of thousands of measurements from multiple independent datasets and provides a detailed update on global climate indicators and notable weather events, according to NOAA.”This is yet another in a series of expert, science-based reports that continue to sound the alarm about the climate crisis,” said Marshall Shepherd, a professor of geography and atmospheric sciences at the University of Georgia and former president of the American Meteorological Society, to CNN. “[The] DNA of climate change is clearly seen now in our weather, agriculture productivity, water supply challenges, public health, and even national security concern.””The findings from their State of the Climate report rise above some blog or opinion on social media,” Shepherd added. “Through the process of science, they are sounding an alarm about the ‘here-and-now’ climate crises.”

Source: Greenhouse Gases Reach Unprecedented Level

Margaret Krome: Citizen input will improve livestock siting rules

The current livestock siting law and rules need updating, and it’s up to citizens to weigh in with responsible concerns, so we get it right this time…how about this…STOP SPREADING LIQUID MANURE ON…DRAIN TILED FIELDS…?  How about this…INCREASE ALL SETBACKS AROUND WETLANDS AND DEPRESSIONS TO A MINIMUM OF 100 FEET..?  How about this…ALL SPREADING FIELDS MUST HAVE A SIGNED LAND CONTRACT AND BE TESTED BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE USED…?

Source: Margaret Krome: Citizen input will improve livestock siting rules

Marietta Town Board passes a 12-month CAFO moratorium

MARIETTA TOWNSHIP – On a stormy summer night outside the Marietta Town Hall Monday, the town board voted 2-1 to impose a one-year “Moratorium on Livestock Facilities Ordinance,” specifically aimed at giving the board more time to evaluate a proposal from Roth Feeder Pigs to build a 10,000 animal unit hog CAFO on Harvest Lane between Steuben and Wauzeka. The vote came after nearly three hours of debate between people on both sides of the issue….now the STATE should do this for the 15 COUNTIES listed in the new NR151 RULES…WHY NOT..?  Human health and safety first…right..?

Source: Marietta Town Board passes a 12-month CAFO moratorium

Investigation Finds 75 Percent of Large Slaughterhouses Violate Water Pollution Limits

People don’t always think about the environmental impact of the food they eat — and specifically, the water pollution created by the meat processing…SO…if we know this and we know the companies…why are we not FINING THE HELL OUT OF THEM…?  It is and will always be about what they can get by with…how about taking some of their MONEY and using it to fix the problems and protect the citizens…MAN-UP..!

Source: Investigation Finds 75 Percent of Large Slaughterhouses Violate Water Pollution Limits

Gov. Evers targets nitrate contamination in Wisconsin water

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is pushing to toughen state rules to reduce nitrate contamination in ground and surface water as concerns grow about pollution across the state…working as a team will produce a positive outcome..!  Farming must make changes and do it today…the water is under a chemical attack and it is getting worse..!  Protecting the citizens of Wisconsin and providing clean water is now job #1.

Source: Gov. Evers targets nitrate contamination in Wisconsin water

Bottled water pulled from shelves after elevated PFAS levels detected – VTDigger

Several generic brands of bottled water are being pulled from shelves after water from the same spring was found to contain PFAS at five times the state’s limit for drinking water…this story will get bigger…our water system is under attack, a chemical attack…and MAN did it..!  That means…MAN can fix it…right..?

Source: Bottled water pulled from shelves after elevated PFAS levels detected – VTDigger

Tony Evers calls for more water protections against nitrate contamination

The changes to a Department of Natural Resources administrative rule would likely seek to target manure and fertilizer practices in southwestern Wisconsin, agency Secretary Preston Cole said Wednesday…what we allow to be put onto and into our land…heads towards our…WATER…!  FARMING OWENS THIS PROBLEM…AND…FARMING CAN CLEAN IT UP…!  THEY OWN THE SHIT…IT IS PART OF THEIR BUSINESS…STOP MANURE SPREADING ON YOUR LAND…JUST SAY NO..!

Source: Tony Evers calls for more water protections against nitrate contamination

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