Earth’s carbon dioxide levels highest in 3 million years, study says

Carbon dioxide – the gas scientists say is most responsible for global warming – has reached levels in our atmosphere not seen in 3 million years, scientists announced…either we fix this now…or…we ALL WILL HAVE TO MOVE..!  MAN-UP people..!

Source: Earth’s carbon dioxide levels highest in 3 million years, study says


Investigation: Manure From Unregulated Factory Farms Fuels Lake

Unregulated animal factory farms are funneling nutrient-rich pollution into Lake Erie, feeding an enormous toxic algae bloom each summer, according to a new investigation by the Environmental Working…FARMING DID THIS…AND…FARMING MUST FIX THEIR POLLUTION PROBLEMS…LOOK UPSTREAM…THE COWS DID NOTHING WRONG…COULD IT BE THEIR…OWNERS..?

Source: Investigation: Manure From Unregulated Factory Farms Fuels Lake

Darin Von Ruden: Congress must help farmers manage milk surplus


We are looking for a serious commitment from Congress to help farmers manage the over-supply of milk that is driving prices down. Farm organizations and elected and appointed officials…could it be, the consumers have changed their buying habits…DEMAND…?  Until we fix the GREED we can not fix this problem..?  Does Dairy want a quota system on production…?

Source: Darin Von Ruden: Congress must help farmers manage milk surplus

Protect your property rights

Our Unicameral Legislature gave first-round approval to Legislative Bill (LB) 227. An amendment to the “Right to Farm Act,” this bill is being sold as a litmus test in a divisive political environment. A vote against, we are told, is a vote against agriculture. Don’t be fooled. It’s a false choice. LB 227 is a bill to limit your personal property rights. Every landowner is entitled to the use and enjoyment of their land. When someone or something interferes with that right, you can pursue legal remedies. This is the last resort when nothing else works…IT’S YOUR LAND…PROTECT IT..!  GET A…LAWYER OR TWO..!

Source: Protect your property rights

Factory farms are polluting our water with hog manure. Democrats should take note | George Goehl

While Trump touts immigration, his 2020 opponents could appeal to rural voters by taking on big ag’s noxious effects…for years we have been fighting these water issues…EPA…DNR…COUNTY BOARD…and it’s getting worse…so now we have…LAWYERS.  Some ask why I ask….WHY NOT..?

Source: Factory farms are polluting our water with hog manure. Democrats should take note | George Goehl

Kewaunee Cares wins Environmental Hero award

GREEN BAY (WLUK) — The Helfenstein Soup Council, a local environmental advocacy group, commemorated Earth Day with some activities Saturday. One involved presenting an “Environmental Hero” award to people who have taken steps to help the local environment. This year’s winner is Kewaunee Cares. The organization has helped advocate for cleaner water in the county. One of its founders says he has tips to help keep the water clean. “They can start putting in vegetative buffers….THANK YOU FOR THE YEARS OF WORK FOR KEWAUNEE  COUNTY..!

Source: Kewaunee Cares wins Environmental Hero award

Bills would end “right-to-farm” protections for large dairies

A defunct Oregon dairy with an extensive history of wastewater problems loomed large over a legislative hearing March 21 about proposals to overhaul state dairy regulations…protecting its citizens, all of them, is the job of the legislature…SAFETY FIRST..!  FARMING KNOWS WHAT MUST BE DONE…AND FARMING MUST FIX IT…IT IS THEIR PROBLEM..!  FARMING CREATED IT AND OWNES IT…STOP POLLUTING OUR LAND…WATER AND AIR…STOP IT..!

Source: Bills would end “right-to-farm” protections for large dairies

MIKE MASTERSON: Endangered river

Our treasured Buffalo National River has made the nonprofit American Rivers’ annual report, “America’s Most Endangered Rivers,” for a second year…LOOK UPSTREAM FOR THE PROBLEMS…ABOUT 6500 OF THEM..?  ACROSS AMERICA…THIS IS OUR FIGHT..!  IF WE TAKE AWAY OUR LAND FOR  THE SPREADING OF THEIR SHIT…THE CLEANUP BEGINS THE VERY NEXT DAY..!  YOU, THE LANDOWNERS NOW CONTROL THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTY…MAN-UP..!

Source: MIKE MASTERSON: Endangered river

A constitutional challenge to Indiana’s Right To Farm Act was tossed by the Indiana Court of Appeals, rejecting neighbors’ claims that an 8,000-hog concentrated animal feeding operation has deprived them of their long-vested property rights.   The Himsel and Lannon families filed a complaint, alleging nuisance, negligence, and trespass, against a neighboring farm in Hendricks County that had become a concentrated animal feeding operation. According to the plaintiffs’ brief, the nearby CAFO consisted of two 4,000-hog production buildings that are located about a quarter-mile upwind . . .THESE FAMILIES LOST ABOUT 49% OF THEIR VALUE IN THEIR PROPERTY…IF THIS WAS YOUR MONEY…WHAT WOULD YOU DO…?  IF THE PROPERTY VALUE IS LESS…ISN’T THE TAX VALUE LESS…?

Protecting local control


Corporate agribusiness and their lobbyists are attempting to take away local control and our rights. Why? They would rather have decisions being made where their money and lobbyists have the…THEY CAN NOT MAKE YOU RENT YOUR LAND FOR THEIR SHIT…IT’S YOUR LAND..!  TAKING AWAY THE FIELDS WILL BEGIN THE CLEAN-UP…YOU…THE LANDOWNERS REALLY CONTROL WHAT WILL HAPPEN…MAN-UP..!

Source: Protecting local control

Iowa’s Real Population


Iowa has around 3 million people, a total that has not changed much over the last 80-90 years. People are large animals, and as such our bodies produce a lot of waste. That being said, we produce m…UNLESS IOWA IS PRODUCING MORE…LAND…THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR YOU…!!!!  STOP RENTING YOUR LAND FOR THEIR SHIT…STOP IT..!!!!

Source: Iowa’s Real Population

Hog Manure is Polluting America’s First National River

Please join us in asking the Governor of Arkansas to take a stand! Tell him to force the CAFO’s closure before the Buffalo National River is lost to a generation of Americans…ACROSS THE COUNTRY WE ARE FIGHTING THIS BATTLE…WHY..?  HOW DOES THIS MAKE AND CENTS…OR…IS IT JUST ABOUT THE …DOLLARS…?  MAN-UP AMERICA…YOU’RE IN THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE..!!  FARMING DID THIS…ON PURPOSE..?

Source: Hog Manure is Polluting America’s First National River

Monsanto has known for over 35 years that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer

Most folks who comprehend the GMO fraud know this basic fact. In 1992, FDA scientists’ thought there could be unknown toxins and other dangers in these foods. There comments were […]…WE ALREADY HAVE OUR…LAWYERS..!  THIS IS NOT GOING WELL FOR MONSANTO…THEY HAVE LOST IN COURTS ALREADY…AND MORE BAD NEWS IS AHEAD..!

Source: Monsanto has known for over 35 years that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer

Petition Supporting a Statewide Moratorium on New and Expanding CAFOs in Wisconsin


We, the undersigned, support Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network’s statewide moratorium on new or expanding factory farms until the following four conditions have been met: 1. Legislation is passed that empowers the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with the authority and mandate to address and adequately enforce water quality standards through Nutrient Management Plans and the permitting process. 2. Groundwater protection policy is created and outlines procedures for adequate enforcement of violation. 3. The state respects meaningful local control and flexibility by allowing local elected officials to draft and pass county and municipal ordinances which take science-based measures beyond state standards to protect sensitive water resources. 4. All CAFOs in Wisconsin that are currently operating with expired WPDES permits are issued a current WPDES (Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems) permit for future regulation. We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly draft and pass a moratorium on new and expanding CAFOs in order to adequately assess and address the threats to Wisconsin citizen’s health and safety posed by CAFOs…MORE LAWYERS NEEDED..!

Source: Petition Supporting a Statewide Moratorium on New and Expanding CAFOs in Wisconsin

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