Weekend reading: ban factory farms

Food and Water Watch has a new report advocating a ban on factory farms. Why?  Because factory farms: Produce enormous volumes of waste Fuel climate change Pollute air and water Exploit workers….AND THE LIST GETS LONGER AND LONGER…WHY…?

Source: Weekend reading: ban factory farms



Swine fever has made its way into China, home to half the world’s pigs. Farmers in Estonia are already counting the cost….IOWA NEXT…?

Across Mid-Missouri, citizen groups form to fight CAFOs

It’s not a bad turnout for a Tuesday night. Several dozen community members huddle around the kitchen table in Fred Williams’ home, reading through the 11-page meeting agenda. The group’s members range from traditional farming types to environmental activists. Uniting all of these seemingly dissimilar people is a single drive: keeping concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) out of the area. The Opponents of Cooper County CAFOs (OCCC) have been working for months to…MAYBE THEY WANT TO SAVE THEIR FUTURE…THEIR WATER…THEIR HEALTH…ETC…?   IT’S YOUR LAND…PROTECT IT..!

Source: Across Mid-Missouri, citizen groups form to fight CAFOs

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