CAFO Watch: Tile Drain Runoff in Addison County

Despite Vermont’s water quality crisis, largely the result of industrial dairy farm runoff, the state’s regulators continue to allow farmers to install tile drains in fields that would otherwise be too wet to cultivate. It’s a particularly egregious practice in the wetlands of Addison County, on the banks of Lake Champlain, where these drains are acting…LIKE SEWER LINES…MOVING THEIR SHIT INTO OUR WATER…TELL ME AMERICA…HOW DOES THAT WORK FOR YOU..? THIS PRACTICE IS NOT A NEW ONE…KEWAUNEE COUNTY, WI. HAS HUNDREDS OF FIELDS WITH DRAIN TILES IN THEM…AND OUR FARMERS ARE APPLYING THEIR LIQUID MANURE ONTO AND INTO THESE FIELDS ON PURPOSE…HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN ABOUT…GRAVITY..? LAND WITH LESS THAN 50 FEET OF TOPSOIL OVER KARST FORMATIONS…ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS…SHOULD NEVER HAVE LIQUID MANURE APPLIED…! SO…WHY DOES OUR DNR ALLOW THIS..? WHY DOES OUR DNR ALLOW LIQUID MANURE TO BE APPLIED ONTO OR INTO FIELDS WITH DRAIN TILES…WHY..?

Source: CAFO Watch: Tile Drain Runoff in Addison County

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