Holland Digester Application


The Holland digester will produce the equivalent CO2 green house gas of 10,000 autos! The carbon from manure needs to stay in the soil as intended by nature.

Water from the anaerobic digester process will be filtered through reverse osmosis (RO) and released to environment. Sixty percent of the methane gas for Holland will be used to heat the manure residue product retrieved from the RO filter system. Expect difficulty ahead for this proposed secret “new advanced technology” RO system. The filtered wastewater is then released to the environment and regulated by the WPDES permit. But current legislature and judicial issues suggest this permit may no longer be valid.

It appears the manure filter residue will be packaged and sold for profit to “organic” producers. This eliminates application of any or most manure to large scale cropland. This will be boon to fertilizer industry that sell fertilizer product to CAFO’s. Oddly, the term “organic” is used freely as descriptor and even included in name of company building digester.

Also in the news, Warming Drives Unexpected Pulses of CO2 from Forest Soil (attached). “Recent research like the Harvard Forest study are starting to suggest that warming forests could start to emit more carbon than they absorb,” he said. It’s unclear exactly when that tipping point could be reached, but more detailed and long-term studies will help answer the question, he said.

By Tom Cretney


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