‘Do No Harm’ – Yankton Press & Dakotan: Letters To The Editor

As a physician, I should be “pro” factory farming. Think of all the new patients I could care for! The toxic chemicals, bacteria and dander spewed into the air by CAFOs will increase the number of children that develop asthma if they live or go to school within three miles of a CAFO. Imagine all the elderly who would suffer from their COPD and other respiratory illnesses because of exposure to the same toxic air. Multiple studies show residents living near CAFOs have more ER visits and poorer health than the rest of the population. Imagine all those that could become sick with antibiotic resistant bacteria, or those that would need care because they developed swine flu and other viruses spread from confined livestock to humans. I should see CAFOs with dollar signs in my eyes, just like the bankers who will profit for those loans they give the farmers to build their barns. All that increased revenue I could make!

Source: ‘Do No Harm’ – Yankton Press & Dakotan: Letters To The Editor


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